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Memorial Concept PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 July 2013 00:00
HSVN Concept A HSVN Concept A HSVN Concept A
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Mayor Cluck Acceptance Letter PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 06 April 2013 15:44
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Ngày 28 Tháng 1 N?m 2013,

Nhân d?p Xuân v?, tôi xin ???c ??i di?n cho ?y Ban Xây D?ng T??ng ?ài Th??ng Ti?c Chi?n S? Vi?t M? cho toàn vùng Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth kính chúc quư v? cùng gia quy?n m?t Tân Niên Quư T? an khang th?nh v??ng.

?y Ban Xây D?ng T??ng ?ài chân thành cám ?n s? ?ng h? quư báu c?a quư ??ng h??ng trong th?i gian qua cho Ch??ng Tŕnh Xây D?ng T??ng ?ài Th??ng Ti?c Chi?n S? Vi?t M?.  Nh?ng chân t́nh ?ó nh? th? hi?n ni?m tri ân chân thành ??i v?i nh?ng ng??i lính n?m x?a. Th?i gian và không gian không làm cho chúng ta quên ?i nh?ng hy sinh gian kh? k? c? x??ng máu c?a h?n hai tr?m ngàn ng??i chi?n s? QLVNCH và ??ng Minh trong cu?c chi?n ?ă qua t?i Vi?t Nam.  Chính nh? s? tin t??ng và ?ng h? ?ó mà chúng ta ?ă v??t qua ???c nh?ng khó kh?n trong th?i gian v?a qua và H?i ??ng Thành Ph? Arlington trong Ngh? Quy?t s? 12-338 ngày 18-12-2012 ?ă ??ng thu?n cho chúng ta xây d?ng T??ng ?ài trong Arlington Veterans Park (Công viên C?u Chi?n Binh). ?ây là m?t vinh d? không ch? cho c?ng ??ng chúng ta ? toàn vùng Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth, mà cho c? c?ng ??ng Ng??i Vi?t t? n?n h?i ngo?i.

Trong gi? phút thiêng liêng c?a ?êm Giao Th?a, kính xin quư v? cùng ??t lên m?t nén h??ng t??ng ni?m nh?ng Vong Linh Chi?n S? ?ă V? Qu?c Vong Thân, nh?ng anh hùng QLVNCH ?ă ch?t cho chúng ta ???c s?ng.  Xin ??t m?t nén h??ng c?u nguy?n cho quê h??ng Vi?t Nam mau h?t ??a ??y, cho dân t?c Vi?t Nam mau h?t ?au th??ng th?ng kh?.  Xin ??t m?t nén h??ng c?u nguy?n ?? s?m có m?t ngày ??t n??c Vi?t Nam th?t s? ???c ??c L?p - T? Do – Dân Ch? và Nhân Quy?n.

Trân tr?ng,


Bác S? ?àng Thi?n H?ng

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Resolution No. 12-338 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Heroes Administrator   
Saturday, 26 January 2013 12:19
T?i Dinh ??c L?p PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 10 January 2013 15:30
Nga?y 8 - 4 - 1975. Dinh ?ô?c Lâ?p bi? dô?i bom, do tên phi công Nguyê?n Tha?nh Trung (vi?t c?ng n??m vu?ng), la?i chiê?c A-37 ném bom . Mô?t tra?i bom r?i ca?nh sân tr??c th?ng trên no?c Dinh nh?ng chi? nô? phâ?n ?â?u c??m xuô?ng la?m lu?n sa?t mô?t khoa?ng nho? .
Không ?â?y 10 phu?t sau, mô?t toa?n câ?n vê? theo lê?nh T?ng Th?ng ?a? ??a ?? Nh?t Phu nhân r??i kho?i Dinh ??c L?p ?ê? pho?ng cuô?c chi?nh biê?n, co?n T?ng Th?ng Nguy?n V?n Thi?u ti?p t?c ?? la?i trong Dinh ?ô?c Lâ?p ?ê? ?iê?u ha?nh quô?c s??
Viê?c dô?i bom nâ?y xa?y ra nh? ba?o hiê?u ?i?m không lành , nh?ng tâ?t ca? quân nhân ca?c câ?p trong Khô?i Câ?n Vê? vâ?n gi?? tra?ch nhiê?m cu?a mi?nh co?n ?? la?i trong Dinh ?ô?c Lâ?p cho ?ê?n nga?y 30 - 4 - 1975.
Ngày 21 - 4 - 1975 T?ng Th?ng Nguy?n V?n Thi?u t? ch?c và ??c di?n v?n bàn giao ch?c v? T?ng Th?ng l?i cho C? Tr?n V?n H??ng

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Support For Vietnam War Memorial PDF Print E-mail
Written by Heroes Administrator   
Monday, 22 October 2012 17:12

This email is for Dr. Hung Dang for the presentation to the Mayor of Arlington, Texas Dr. Robert Cluck and the Arlington City Council.  The subject being addressed is the proposed Vietnam War Monument in The designated park in the City of Arlington.
Your Honors:
Last fall I was approached by Mr. Peter Dao to consent to participate with a group who were proposing a Vietnam War Monument in a City Park in Arlington, Texas.  As a United States Marine Veteran of 3 Tours in Vietnam during the hostilities I was honored to participate.  I had seen the War from the very beginning, during its most intense period (TET 1968) and finally commanded the final evacuation of Saigon.
Due to my wife's personal illness I have been unable to actively participate and regret not being able to appear at the 8 October meeting.  However, I would be remiss if I didn't present my strong feelings regarding the building of the subject monument.

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Star Telegram Article - Posted July 4, 2012 PDF Print E-mail

By Susan Schrock

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ARLINGTON -- Hung Thien Dang was a teenager in early 1980 when he and his two brothers fled communist Vietnam by boat to Thailand.

Dang and his brothers eventually made their way to America that year as refugees. Their father, a Republic of Vietnam army colonel, wasn't as lucky. He spent 13 years as a prisoner of war after the fall of Saigon, Dang said.

Dang, now a doctor in Arlington, doesn't want people to forget the sacrifices made by American and Vietnamese soldiers and their families during the Vietnam War, which ended nearly four decades ago. He and other local Vietnamese community leaders are raising money for a planned Vietnam War memorial at Veterans Park in Arlington.

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